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Accurate Institute Of Management & Technology Organizing a Workshop on “Business Simulation”


About the Workshop-
Why Business Simulation as a Course Module in MBA/PGDM Programme? A simulation is an experiential learning exercise in which students practice hands-on management and learn to define objectives and business strategies. They are concerned with the application and not the definitions, of business concepts, principles, and methods. Decisions do not occur sequentially but simultaneously and interactively, just as they do in the business world. The paramount objective is to help students internalize business thought through the practice of business decision making. The more sophisticated business simulations, which may be labeled reality simulations, are designed to capture the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of business decision making within the context of a total business enterprise. Students essentially run a business for eight to sixteen decision periods, depending upon course design. The problems and opportunities encountered require total immersion into the business enterprise. Simulations can go farther than traditional methods in bridging the gap between the classroom and the world of real-life business decision making. Simulations are self-contained. Further, the more sophisticated simulations offer a broad scope and provide students with substantial authority and responsibility. As with case studies, with simulations students are required to analyze and solve complex problems, think in strategic ways, and integrate material across disciplines. The workshop uses the sandwich method of alternating between listening and doing, first listening to a presentation of a topic and then immediately carrying out the individual steps presented. A substantial part of the workshop is hands-on training. You are required to bring along your laptop. Since the access to iBizSim is browser based and any standard browser can be used, nothing will be installed on your laptop. You will also need a spreadsheet program like MS Excel. You will learn to use iBizSim’s web interface for instructors to set up and run a course. You will also learn to use the iBizSim’s web interface for students so that you
can see and experience the student’s view of the business simulation.

Objectives- After the completion of this training program the participants will be able to:
· Understand why business simulations are preferred over business games?
· Describe the basics of Simulations using iBizSim
· Learn how to teach a business simulations course using iBizSim
· Identify various areas to apply business simulations like iBizSim

About iBizSim –
iBizSim is an acronym for International Business Simulations. iBizSim is general business simulation that covers all the functional areas of a manufacturing company starting with purchasing/procurement of raw materials and bought-in finished goods, through production, logistics, marketing and sales, and finally finances with costing, cash flow, profitand- loss account and balance sheet. The simulated company manufactures consumer products and markets them internationally in several markets. Exchange rate fluctuations used in the simulation, for example, reflect real-world situations in international markets.

Prof. Pramode Ullal Professor Emeritus of the School of International Education, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China where he taught both undergraduate and post graduate classes in the School of International Education. He taught at this university of seven years starting in 2008 after he retired from working in the high-tech industry in California, USA. He is currently the Managing Director of German Simulations Pvt. Ltd. (GSIMS), an Indian company based in Mumbai.
Who can participate in Workshop?

Faculties teaching graduation/ post graduation courses in Management, Commerce and Science & Technology are eligible to participate in the Workshop.


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