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Anti National Culture rising

A clear pattern is emerging in universities. first of all anti-naional naxalis and islamic jihadis organise anti-national programmes promoting and supporting terrorists and division of India.

when others oppose…they abuse and thrash them black and blue.

when university administration takes action against them, they threaten them with strikes and their media machinery starts spreading rumours against not only other unions and administration but govt as well.

In Hyderabad rohit vemula, an anti-national naxali supported and eulogised yaqoob memom and in jnu….afzal guru and maqbool bhat were praised……demands were made to free Kashmir

both the universities saw
1. anti-India, pro-Pakistan slogans
2. naxali and jihadis opposing and thrashing students from opposing unions
3. university administration taking action against erring students and naxali teachers and students organizing strikes and threatening them to bow to their pressure
4. representatives of right wing green communal Muslim parties like Congress, Aap etc visiting and supporting anti-national elements

it is a well thought out strategy of anti-national Naxalis and Islamic

jihahdis. govt must take strict action against such elements because this too is a “proxy war” through well supported media dalals of right wing green communal muslim parties and anti-national naxalis.

we extend full support to the administration of Hyderabad and JNU and request them not to bow down before the media pressure created by naxali and jihadi elements in the name of “freedom of expression.’

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