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South Asian women leaders discuss gender issues in New Delhi


New Delhi, Feb-3 News: Prominent women leaders of South Asia came together on one platform to discuss gender inequality and the role of women in democracy, governance and international affairs here.

An event titled “Empowering Women through skills and Economic Independence. Is the way forward?” brought together political leaders from South Asia, including Afghanistan and Nepal, to discuss women-specific issues.

The conference was organized by the Women’s Feature Service in partnership with High Commission of Canada, New Delhi, and was aimed at spreading gender awareness and discussing the role of women in the nation’s economic development.

Young Afghan parliamentarian Nahid Farid, was of the view that the decades of war in her country had crippled human development. She also revealed that the mortality rate in Afghanistan is very high and the country is far behind in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Farid pitched for greater role for women in the decision making. Afghanistan currently has 27.6 percent of women in parliament.

“The fact is, that insecurity is a barrier in front of every aspect of life in Afghanistan no matter you are a man or a woman, Journalist, Politician or a teacher insecurity threats you that’s the wave of insecurity that unfortunately is increasingly getting the life of the people and terrorism they are burning the school with pride, they attack Journalist with pride and they attack the faces of development in the country, said Farid.

She also said that corruption is a major obstacle in preventing women from having access to resources that can improve their lot.

“Corruption is making a big barrier for women empowerment and also we have the problem of black money, black market and as a woman how we can survive in black market and we have lack of problem access to resources and when you do not have enough money you cannot ignite the process of development by women,” said Farid.

Nepal’s Member of Parliament Chhaya Sharma Pant said, “It would be good learning experience from what the other countries are doing and how seriously women’s issues every country is taking up so obviously and improve on where we are and increase more and more women in main stream politics and into decision making”.

Source: ANI News

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